Everybody has a beauty secret. But after all what is this secret? Colors? Textures? Shapes? Movements?
We believe the secret is in happiness. That’s why everything we do has the purpose to make people feel better with themselves, just the way they are. Because we
believe in a world where diversity and freedom allow us to be who we are. A world where variety is respected and different ideas are valued. After all, are the
differences, for smaller they are, that make us unique and special.


With a human look and a own way of seeing beauty, we seek to supply every person´s needs and get involved in their beauty, care and hygiene moments. Evoking a unique and non transferable feeling of importance for themselves.

We seek to inspire, captivate and stir emotion, promoting experiences that arouse self-esteem and the essential beauty that exists inside everyone.

This belief is translated into every brand of Belliz Company. Always offering an innovative benefit and an own way to show themselves, our brands represents distinct publics, delivering the products and accessories that each one needs.

Complete solutions in different categories of products – Hair brushes ans Combs; Oral Hygiene; Make Up Accessories; Manicure and Pedicure; Professional Accessories; Beauty Cases, Professional Scissors and Hair Accessories – Developed exclusively for the comfort and practicality in the daily use of our consumers and partners, used in the name of beauty, welfare and its benefits.